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TAKO Multi-player

The much awaited Multi-player update is Live now!

Multi-player games can be played after unlocking ‘Challenges‘. Challenges or Modes can be unlocked after completion of ‘Level 10‘ or by using 1000 coins.

TAKO Multi-player games are designed to be played in a Private or Public room. So, create a game and share it with your friends to challenge your TAKO skills!

The Multi-player room is designed to accommodate a maximum of 4 players. A Private game can be initiated by any one of the players after all the participants joins. A Public game auto-starts after 2 players joins and waits for 10 seconds for 2 more players to join.

We are sure you will enjoy this update. Happy Gaming!

Note: We count on your suggestions to improve your game. Please write to us at support@21com.in with your feedback or suggestions.

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