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The Tap And Knock Off (TAKO) game is a unique word building challenge developed in 2017. The TAKO game is unique as letter tiles are knocked off to create a word and the tiles are not scrambled.

Currently, four types of games can be played in TAKO such as Levels, Challenges, Multi-player and Leagues from a list of 75,000+ words.

30 levels can be played with an aim to improve your best time. Levels help you prepare for the Challenges.

The 6 modes of Challenges are unlocked after level 10 or by using 500 coins. Play unlimited games and top the leaderboard.

Multi-player Games can be played in a Public or Private room with a maximum 4 participants.

There are 5 Leagues, each for 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Letter words. Complete each category and top the leaderboard.

The letter tiles increases from 4 to 9 and the required number of tiles to be eliminated increases from 1 to 6 as the game progresses.
A fixed number of letters have be eliminated/knocked off in each level. The knock off information is provided in the top center of the screen (as shown below) and indicated as TAKO – # Letter(s). Where ‘#’ is between 1 and 6. The letter tiles are provided in the center of the screen and can be selected/de-selected by tapping on a tile. The remaining time information is provided on the top right corner of the screen. The information on coins collected and level progression is provided on the top left corner of the screen.
Let us take the above example of ‘RACT’, a 4 letter TAKO word. In this level, 1 letter has to be knocked off from ‘RACT’ to make a 3 letter word. The possible options are to tap on letter ‘R’ to knock off the tile and create the word ‘ACT’. Alternatively, letter tile ‘C’ can be knocked off to create the word ‘RAT’. Hmmm, did not know a ‘RAT’ was hiding in ‘RACT’ 😉
Now let us take the example of  a 9 letter TAKO word ‘IGNIFYING’ as shown below. In this level, 6 letters have to be knocked off from the TAKO word to make a 3 letter word. The word ‘FIN’ can be created by knocking off letters I,G,N,I,Y and G. Similar to the 4 letter TAKO word example, the word ‘FIG’ can also be created in this game.
The number of letters to be knocked out in Mixed Mode and Multi-Player Challenges will change during the game and is highlighted.
Considering the games are time bound, difficult TAKO words can be skipped.
TAKO as many tiles, collect coins and top the Leaderboard. Keep playing while we work on the future updates to introduce other languages.

Happy Gaming!

May 31, 2017