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Trivia 123 Release

TAKO 123 – Trivia update is Live!

Your game is more interesting with the introduction of Trivia Challenges – ultimate games designed for endless fun.

The goal of Trivia challenge is to continuously play until a wrong selection is made or the time runs out.

How to Play: Knock of tiles based on each statement.

Example: If the Statement is ‘Even Number’, you have to eliminate all the tiles containing even numbers. For specific questions, a single tile should be eliminated. e.g. ‘Square Number = 4’.

Another key update in this release is the introduction of two modes for each challenge. A game can now be played in 2 x 2 or 3 x 2/2 x 3 mode based on the difficulty level you choose.

We are sure you will enjoy the new update. Please share your feedback or suggestions to support@21com.in.

Download TAKO 123

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