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Wordcade Game – Surprised!

We are glad to announce the Beta version launch of ‘Word Shooter’, the world’s first Wordcade game.

Surprised? We were also surprised when the idea was brainstormed.

We have successfully managed to combine two categories of games into one and derived the following complex equation 😉

Word + Arcade = Wordcade

Game Play
Your space ship is going on a long journey and you need to make way by shooting down enemy ships. Each enemy ship has a letter on it. You can only shoot down an enemy ship if the letter combination of the remaining ships make a valid English word. If you shoot at an incorrect letter, a shot is fired back to your ship and you need to avoid it. During the journey you can collect Power-ups and also encounter other obstacles such as Asteroids, UFOs, etc.

Download the Beta version here, only limited slots are available. As always, we value your feedback and please send it to support@21com.in.


Crew @ Digio TwentyOne Communications

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